Tips For A Cleaner Kitchen

Does it seem impossible to maintain a clean kitchen?

This is a struggle many homeowners deal with and it’s never easy. However, what if there was a way to make things better? Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind for a cleaner kitchen.

1) Set Up a Garbage Bin

A garbage bin is one of the best things a person can invest in for the kitchen.

Don’t make it difficult to dispose of waste in this part of your home. It should be readily available, clean, and ready to go. Make sure to empty it regularly, so you don’t have to deal with an overflowing mess.

2) Clean as You Go

Why wait for everything to be done when you’re preparing food?

Clean as you go whether it’s waiting for something to heat or for something to cool. If you have a few minutes, start brooming and getting rid of the waste around you.

3) Start with the Sink

You should always start with the sink because your dishes are always going to go there. An overflowing sink is a horrible sight and immediately makes the kitchen look messy.

Start here and make sure you clean with a purpose. This simple change is going to be a good one.

If you experience a water damage in your house, let water damage clean up service will handle it for you.

You should clean your grease traps at home regularly. Find a trusted service that can do their job properly. Seattle grease trap cleaning is professional that having the best prices.

If you have a hood in your kitchen and you cannot remove dirt and oil, just call a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning that can totally remove them.

4) Keep Things Organized

Does it seem impossible to maintain a clean kitchen?

This is a struggle many homeowners deal with and it’s never easy. However, what if there was a way to make things better? Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind for a cleaner kitchen.

If you daw molds in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call a pro to remove them. Oahu mold removal can help you with it.

Final Thoughts

These tips will go a long way in making your life easier and cleaner. The kitchen is a high-traffic area in most homes but it’s all about creating a strategy and following it properly.

Tips On Making Your Eyelashes More Beautiful

Long and healthy eyelashes are every girl’s dream. But for some girls, it’s a complete nightmare. A lot of girls do not know exactly how to go about getting beautiful eyelashes without having to get permanent lash extensions, or even getting serums that come with some undesirable side effects.
Here are a few ways that every girl can try to make their natural eyelashes very beautiful.

Moisturize Your Lashes
Moisturize your eyelash lines with the use of certain oils such as castor oil. They will help keep your lash hair healthy and moisturized to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Applying The Right Mascara
Some mascara brands such as Blinc Mascara and Urban Decay Perversion Mascara are known to make your lashes appear a bit longer than they really are. These are the mascaras you should be looking out for while shopping for your makeup.

Removing Mascara Appropriately
Always remember to not go to bed with mascara on. Removing mascara every night before bed will make your lashes less brittle as they would have been if you did sleep with your mascara on. Keep in mind to remove it in a downward direction to avoid damaging any hairs on your lash line.

Use Baby Powder
Getting baby powder over your lashes in between the layers of mascara will make your lash line seem thick and dense.

Curl Your Lashes
Using a lash curler to make your lashes curl will also help you get the look you want. To get the best effect from your lash curler, try heating it for a short time to give your lashes an intense curl.

You can also get eyelash extensions if you want. We know that getting eyelash extensions can make our lashes more beautiful. Eyelash extension salons in Honolulu is professional, high-quality eyelash extensions services, at affordable prices.

By applying these tips in your beauty routine, you can get those beautiful lashes that you want without having to get false lashes. False lashes are great in adding length to your lashes as long as you use an adhesive that will not damage your lash line.

6 Bedroom Cleaning Checklist Tips

Your bedroom is the best place to relax after a long day. Without a clean bedroom, your sleeping habits will be negatively impacted. Here are the top 6 bedroom cleaning checklist tips you should know.

Start Decluttering

Check every inch of your bedroom for anything that doesn’t belong there and start decluttering. Remove any decorations you don’t want to keep and put them in a donation box.

Clear The Trash

Remove all the trash in your bedroom, including under the bed and throw it away. Check everywhere including the closet, the nightstand and any other area in your bedroom to avoid leaving anything behind.

Remove The Linens And Clean Them

Remove the bedding, the curtains, drapes, and blinds and clean them. Don’t forget to follow the cleaning instructions. If they must be dry-cleaned, take them to the dry cleaner. If you can hand wash or put them in the laundry machine, you should do so.


You need to remove the dust in your bedroom. Here, you need to work from top to bottom then from left to right. That way, you are not scattering dust in the areas that have already been cleaned. If there are any pictures on the walls, you can remove them and clean them. Remove the shade from your lamps and wipe down the light bulbs. Remove the mattress cover once you are done and clean it. Clean your ac regularly. does ac system cleaning.

Clean Your Mattress

Remove the mattress from the bed and take it outside to freshen up in the sun. You can also run a vacuum cleaner on the mattress to remove any leftover debris. If you saw bed bugs in your mattress, call a pro to exterminate them. Seattle bed bug extermination can help you.

Rearrange The Closets

Once you have cleaned the room, you need to remove the clothes from your closet and arrange them properly. Make sure they are easily accessible and put the right clothes for each season out front while the rest at the back.

Use these tips to clean your bedroom and enjoy a clean and relaxing place after a long day!

10 Popular Home Updates And Renovations That Are Worth The Money

Updating your home can not only add comfort and functionality but also can increase the value of your property. Here are 10 popular home updates that provide a great return on investment, making them well worth the money.

  1. Replace your windows. If the windows on your home are old, worn-out, or poorly designed, it can significantly take away from its resale value. Putting in new windows can increase both your home’s energy efficiency and value.
  2. Paint your walls. A quick coat of paint can transform your space, making it look fresh and attractive. Just be sure to choose a neutral color. You can also put a new stucco or re-stucco your house. It can also add value to your whole house. can help you with anything related to stucco.
  3. Reface your kitchen cabinets. Putting new doors and hardware on your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen an instant facelift without a huge investment. Install a grease trap. Call a grease trap installation service.
  4. Install a new garage door. In terms of curb appeal, your garage door takes up a lot of visual space on the front of your home. Upgrading your door can give your house a whole new look, making it much more attractive.
  5. Finish your basement. If you have an unfinished basement, finishing it can dramatically increase the square footage of your home, adding to its value. Fredericksburg basement finishing provides high-quality home building results at the best-valued price.
  6. Improve your landscaping. A few simple changes outside can have a big impact on the look of your home.
  7. Create an open floor plan. If your kitchen and living room are separated by walls, removing the walls to create an open space will help your home seem larger and more inviting.
  8. Replace the fixtures in your bathroom. Instead of doing a full remodeling project in your bathroom, simply swap out the fixtures for an instant update. You can also resurface your pool at home. Find a swimming pool builder that can do all the things you want for your pool.
  9. Upgrade your flooring. Replace dirty, outdated flooring with hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring for a beautiful look.
  10. Replace the roof. If your roof is old, covered with moss, or otherwise deteriorating, replacing it before selling your home is a good idea. You can replace your roof from Maui roofing contractor.

Another is, fixing your foundation cracks or anything foundation repairs. Find a skilled foundation repair services to fix it.

These 10 home updates are well worth the money since you can usually recover your investment when you sell your home.

3 Best Things To Do On A Short Break To Maui

Do you plan on going to Maui for a short break? If so, there are a few things you’ll definitely want to do. If you want to find out what the best three things to do in Maui are, then continue to read on.

Snorkeling is one of the best things to do while in Maui and there are so many places to do it at. Also, many snorkeling places allow you to book at any given time, so the chances are you’ll be able to do this activity on short notice. There are dozens of reasons to do snorkeling in Maui, such as being able to see some of the most gorgeous fish you’ll ever see, and it is a fun activity you can do alone or with other people.

Surfing is another fun thing to do while visiting the island, which is home to some of the best waves for surfing. If you’re an adventure seeker, then this is the activity you’ll want to do first. Plus, it doesn’t matter where you are in Maui, you’ll never be too far from a surfing spot. If you’re not a fan of surfing, then simply go to one of the many beaches and relax for a bit.

Dining on local food is another must-do when in Maui. Even if you’re only there for a day or two, make sure you dine on some of the local cuisine, which a lot of restaurants serve. Trust us when we say you will love what you find at the local restaurants.

When you’re in Maui on a short break, make sure you dine on local food. Don’t forget to do a bit of surfing or lounging around at the beach. Definitely look into doing snorkeling too because all of these activities are some of the best things to do on a short break to Maui.


Prize Winners:

I used a couple of Rope-ties to rig my Monitor windvane. I think they will work so well that I plan to contact Monitor and suggest they include a couple of Ties with their windvanes.
-Allan – Vashon, WA 

Love your product – My recent application – I replaced my one inch nylon Bimini Straps with the Hitchcraft Mini and parachute line. Easier to adjust and they don’t hum in the wind like the straps.
-Ken – Springfield, VA

What we heard from other users:

You can just feel this is one of those products that exude simplicity – and works as claimed. I’ve only setup the hammock a few times but quickly discovered how difficult adjusting two knots on opposite ends can be. The RopeTies make this so incredibly simple and fast now. Good luck with selling this very neat product. I hope to show it off to friends and new acquaintances as I travel about this summer. Oh, and thanks very much for the easy and fast purchase to delivery process. I was surprised to receive the product so quickly. 
-Giles – Rochester, MN

They work exceptionally well, very easy to setup and adjust on my Speer hammock. I’ll be getting more for the other hammocks I’m making.
-Brett – Queensland, Australia

I’ve just received and tested your ropeties. They’re incredibly simple to use and worked like a charm the first time and every time I tried them out in conjunction with my hammock under various conditions. Life in the bush just got so much better for me =D Thanks! 
-Wayne – Victoria, Australia

Normally when I lash the hammock I have to sit on it to take the slop out and then tighten it again. Then as the night passes the sag still increases. With the HitchCraft, I set it and it stayed right there all night.
After years of lashing these things are great. Fast, easy, light and cheap.
-Bryan – Newport News, VA

David, my new neighbor, just came back from his third circum-navigation. When I found him trying to tie down a new battery I asked him to try the Mini RopeTie. His reaction:
“This is genial. It’s a flying cleat that you can place anywhere you need. I am going to need some more of these!”
-David – San Rafael, CA

“What an awsome product. Where has this been all my life. Fast shipping too!!”
 -Tom – Jupiter, FL

“Fine item, super-quick shipping! A smooth transaction. A++”
-Raymond – Prattville, AL

We have a big tarp protecting our water supply on the Farralones where we will spend the winter studying the sea lion colony – it’s the mating season. We use four RopeTies to keep the tarp lines taut. Any knots need to be readjusted all the time becasue of the 40 knot winds that we get all the time. Tensioning with the RopeTie is quick with the 3/1 leverage, and it’s so easy when we need to readjust. Great device, and so simple!
-Derek – Farralone Islands, CA

“I purchased 3 of these from you at the sailboat show in Oakland. (…) I use these on my boat and on my pick up truck. I use the larger size to quickly secure loads on the truck. The small size is great for small loads or flag halyards,etc. on the boat. This order is actually going to be a gift for friends that have admired these on my boat.”
-Mike – Gold River, CA

“We purchased one set of each size of the Rope Tie at the Oakland Strictly Sail show in April and love them. They work great! You will probably be receiving more orders from people who have seen ours.”
-Anita – Torrance, CA

“I tried out the Monster RopeTie with our anchoring sail and it worked fine. As you said, first I could adjust the length of the line, then pull the line tight.”
-Jess – Westfield, NJ

“I am amazed at how easy it is to tie a load down with a RopeTie versus trying to cinch a rope tight using conventional knots,  With 2 of these and a 50 foot rope, I can tie down anything.”
– Eli – Cotati, CA


Mini RopeTie

weight: 0.9 oz (26 g) 
material:  33% glass filled black Nylon 66 
safe working load: 250 lbf/1.1 kN 
rope diameter: .188″-.250″ / 4mm-6mm* 

(*note: also works with smaller size rope – .125″/3mm 
– safe working load 150 lbf/670N)

Monster RopeTie

weight: 2.9 oz (82 g) 
material:  33% glass filled black Nylon 66 
safe working load: 500lbf/2.2 kN 
rope diameter: .312″ – .438″ / 8mm-11mm* 

(*note: also works with smaller size rope – .250″/6mm 
– safe working load 300 lbf/1.3 kN)

Safety Notes:

It is the responsibility of the user to judge the safety of use conditions and take appropriate precautions.

The RopeTie was tested to determine safe loading and a RopeTie that was not damaged or overloaded will not fail if used properly within the specified load limits. However, Hitchcraft LLC is not responsible for damage and/or injury by failure of any apparatus with which the RopeTie is being used. It is the responsibility of the user to judge the safety of use conditions and take appropriate precautions. 

When considering the possibility of failure the user needs to allow for dynamic loading. In a dynamic situation when the load is subjected to acceleration and impact, as in a moving vehicle, loads can be magnified by a factor of 3 or more. 

The tie-down system may fail at the rope. Safe rope loading is generally 20% of the rated maximum load of a rope. User must beware that ropes deteriorate through wear and strain further reducing their load limit. 

All these aspects must be taken into consideration when loads are high enough that failure would present risk of injury and/or loss.