10 Popular Home Updates And Renovations That Are Worth The Money

Updating your home can not only add comfort and functionality but also can increase the value of your property. Here are 10 popular home updates that provide a great return on investment, making them well worth the money.

  1. Replace your windows. If the windows on your home are old, worn-out, or poorly designed, it can significantly take away from its resale value. Putting in new windows can increase both your home’s energy efficiency and value.
  2. Paint your walls. A quick coat of paint can transform your space, making it look fresh and attractive. Just be sure to choose a neutral color. You can also put a new stucco or re-stucco your house. It can also add value to your whole house. Stuccosanjose.com can help you with anything related to stucco.
  3. Reface your kitchen cabinets. Putting new doors and hardware on your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen an instant facelift without a huge investment. Install a grease trap. Call a grease trap installation service.
  4. Install a new garage door. In terms of curb appeal, your garage door takes up a lot of visual space on the front of your home. Upgrading your door can give your house a whole new look, making it much more attractive.
  5. Finish your basement. If you have an unfinished basement, finishing it can dramatically increase the square footage of your home, adding to its value. Fredericksburg basement finishing provides high-quality home building results at the best-valued price.
  6. Improve your landscaping. A few simple changes outside can have a big impact on the look of your home.
  7. Create an open floor plan. If your kitchen and living room are separated by walls, removing the walls to create an open space will help your home seem larger and more inviting.
  8. Replace the fixtures in your bathroom. Instead of doing a full remodeling project in your bathroom, simply swap out the fixtures for an instant update. You can also resurface your pool at home. Find a swimming pool builder that can do all the things you want for your pool.
  9. Upgrade your flooring. Replace dirty, outdated flooring with hardwood or luxury vinyl plank flooring for a beautiful look.
  10. Replace the roof. If your roof is old, covered with moss, or otherwise deteriorating, replacing it before selling your home is a good idea. You can replace your roof from Maui roofing contractor.

Another is, fixing your foundation cracks or anything foundation repairs. Find a skilled foundation repair services to fix it.

These 10 home updates are well worth the money since you can usually recover your investment when you sell your home.

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