Hitchcraft RopeTie vs. Niteize Figure9:

The RopeTie is an inventive rope accessory that created a new class of product to facilitate life for all rope users. After it was launched other products came along, also wanting to claim originality, but falling short in user benefits. The video demonstrates how the most aggressively marketed competitor, named the Figure 9, does not match the following advantages of the RopeTie:
    1. single one-hand motion for adjust and lock
    2. multiplier effect when 2 or more are used in tandem
    3. firmly locks rope without damaging it
    4. does not scratch painted surfaces, does not corrode
    5. smaller carbon footprint - is produced under US environmental laws and is not shipped accross the Ocean

For this reason the RopeTie has a record of 100% user satisfaction, and will continue to be the choice of the more descriminating user. It is important to note that the two models of both brands do not correspond in load capacity or rope size so please study the specifications to insure that the model works with the intended rope size.