Hanging Storage: :


This short movie shows how to set up a hanging bike storage system. If your ceiling does not have exposed beams where a rope can be tied you will need to install a couple of eyebolts. Otherwise no tools are required.
First you tie a couple of 1/8" lines about 2 feet apart (more for a tandem bike or canoe or kayak).
Then follow the installation shown and in 2 minutes you can hang a bike, canoe, kayak, out of the way.
All you need is 4 Mini RopeTies and 12 ft of 1/8" and 3/16" rope!
Compare with other systems from $80 to $240 - and when you get rid of the bike, kayak, canoe, you don't end up with useless trash. RopeTies and ropes can always be reused for endless other needs.