Hitchcraft® launches its new RopeTie at Strictly Sail - April 19-23, 2006

San Anselmo, CA, March 23, 2006 - Hitchcraft will be introducing their RopeTie product to thousands of sailing enthusiasts at this year's Strictly Sail Pacific - highlighting the product's easy-to-use way of tying ropes. Anyone can tie down a load, securely hoist it, or simply adjust tension on the rope without the laborious burden of tying knots.

On a sailboat there are endless applications for the RopeTie. It can be used as a quick adjustment for the topping lift, to tie fenders, to tie down anything on deck like a sail bag, a kayak, or dinghy. When you untie the dinghy you can attach the RopeTie to the painter and use it as a hand grip to keep the bow up as you motor - and then it's ready to quickly secure the dinghy. Unlike most knots it can be used anywhere in the middle of a long rope because no threading is required. The RopeTie never jams, making it quick to release when quick action is required.

It is also an excellent tool to obtain leverage; in its simplest configuration a 3X mechanical advantage is obtained; with two in tandem you get 9X. And if you simply double the rope you get 18X - all this with one rope and two simple devices.

RopeTies come in two sizes: The Mini for .125"-.250" (3-6 mm) rope diameters and the Monster for .250"-.437" (6-11 mm) rope diameters. The RopeTie is made of a high strength plastic and is recommended for loads up to 250 lbf (Mini) or 500 lbf (Monster). Several patents have been filed in the US and Internationally.

Swing by Hitchcraft's booth #909 for product demonstrations and more information. Also visit

ABOUT HITCHCRAFT - Hitchcraft LLC, is an outdoor tools and devices company specializing in designing simpler product solutions for everyday problems. They are located in San Anselmo, CA, just 1-hour north of San Francisco.

ABOUT THE INVENTOR - Founder and Inventor Miguel Praca is a product designer and engineer who has designed and engineered successful products over the last 20 years. In 2004 he started working on the idea of the RopeTie and in 2005 he founded Hitchcraft LLC to manufacture and commercialize it. Miguel holds a graduate degree from Stanford University's Product Design Program.


Media Contact: Miguel Praca