The Hitchcraft® RopeTie celebrates its first year, at Strictly Sail Pacific, 2007

San Anselmo, CA, April 4, 2007 – One year after introduction of its innovative “rope tying accessory” Hitchcraft has seen the concept catch on, with new competitors entering the marketplace. On the one hand that confirms the utility of this new category of accessory, and on the other, it provides a reference from which the RopeTie design stands out with its optimized sculpted form and superior function.
On a sailboat there are endless applications for the RopeTie. It can be used to tie down anything on deck like a sail bag, a canopy, or a dinghy; as a quick tie for a boom preventer; as an instant cleat for an outboard hoist; and as an improvised rigging tensioner. Use it also on your truck, car, in outdoors activities, in your garage, or with any rope application.
Unlike most knots, no threading is required with the RopeTie, making it easy to attach anywhere in the middle of a long rope. The RopeTie is designed to hold the line tension securely and tighter as the load increases, and yet it never jams, making it easy to release when quick action is required.
It is also an excellent tool to multiply your manual effort: in its simplest configuration a 3x power factor is obtained; and two or more RopeTies can easily be combined for extremely high tensioning power (9x, 27x, etc.). This modular feature is a distinguishing aspect unique to the RopeTie design, as well as the integrated hub cleat which retains tension automatically, for quick one hand tightening.
The RopeTie was developed and is manufactured in California. It is the product of a meticulous development process, using leading edge tools and know-how, for optimized function and cost effective manufacturing. By striving for a competitive formula for cost effective US manufacturing Hitchcraft expects to counter the need for transoceanic transportation, reducing the carbon impact of its products.
RopeTies come in two sizes: The Mini for .125”-.250” (3-6 mm) rope diameters and the Monster for .250”- .437” (6-11 mm) rope diameters. The RopeTie is made of a high strength plastic and is recommended for loads of up to 250 lbf (Mini) or 500 lbf (Monster). Patents have been filed in the US and Internationally. Swing by Hitchcraft’s booth #440 for product demonstrations and more information. Also visit Hitchcraft LLC, is an outdoor accessories company specializing in designing simpler product solutions for everyday problems. They are located in San Anselmo, just one-hour north of San Francisco


Media Contact: Miguel Praca