Hitchcraft needs your creativity!

Win a 2+2 Combo pack (no cost shipping) - a $30 value! - Hitchcraft needs your ideas for new ways to use the RopeTie. If you want to share your creative application, send us pictures that clearly show how you are using the RopeTie, and when we choose your pictures for publishing on the website you win a 2+2 Combo Pack (2 Mini+2 Monster RopeTies).
There is no promise to publish any pictures sent and Hitchcraft reserves the right to choose the ideas according to its own criteria of appropriate use and originality.

Winner: March 2009

bimini hitch

I used a couple of Rope-ties to rig my Monitor windvane. I think they will work so well that I plan to contact Monitor and suggest they include a couple of Ties with their windvanes.
-Allan - Vashon, WA