Tips On Making Your Eyelashes More Beautiful

Long and healthy eyelashes are every girl’s dream. But for some girls, it’s a complete nightmare. A lot of girls do not know exactly how to go about getting beautiful eyelashes without having to get permanent lash extensions, or even getting serums that come with some undesirable side effects.
Here are a few ways that every girl can try to make their natural eyelashes very beautiful.

Moisturize Your Lashes
Moisturize your eyelash lines with the use of certain oils such as castor oil. They will help keep your lash hair healthy and moisturized to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Applying The Right Mascara
Some mascara brands such as Blinc Mascara and Urban Decay Perversion Mascara are known to make your lashes appear a bit longer than they really are. These are the mascaras you should be looking out for while shopping for your makeup.

Removing Mascara Appropriately
Always remember to not go to bed with mascara on. Removing mascara every night before bed will make your lashes less brittle as they would have been if you did sleep with your mascara on. Keep in mind to remove it in a downward direction to avoid damaging any hairs on your lash line.

Use Baby Powder
Getting baby powder over your lashes in between the layers of mascara will make your lash line seem thick and dense.

Curl Your Lashes
Using a lash curler to make your lashes curl will also help you get the look you want. To get the best effect from your lash curler, try heating it for a short time to give your lashes an intense curl.

You can also get eyelash extensions if you want. We know that getting eyelash extensions can make our lashes more beautiful. Eyelash extension salons in Honolulu is professional, high-quality eyelash extensions services, at affordable prices.

By applying these tips in your beauty routine, you can get those beautiful lashes that you want without having to get false lashes. False lashes are great in adding length to your lashes as long as you use an adhesive that will not damage your lash line.

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